Cek Turnitin (Animals Mentioned In The Islam's Prophetic Traditions: A Review Of The Scientific Evidence)

Ismail Fahmi Arrauf Nasution, 197508292008011007 (2021) Cek Turnitin (Animals Mentioned In The Islam's Prophetic Traditions: A Review Of The Scientific Evidence). -, -.

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This research examines the existence of a paradigm integration between religion and science. It is based on Qur’an and hadith for religion and physics, biology, chemistry, healt, and medicine for science. The slogan of the Qu’an, which is always relevant, apllies to the hadith as a manifestation of its teachings with meaning from God’s revelation. Therefore, it is necessary to revitalize and contextualize the values and main objectives of hadith. Medicine in Islam is widely discussed in the Prophet’s hadiths. In pharmaceutical science, the Prophet talked about pharmacognosy related to the properties of plants, animals, and several minerals with medicinal properties. This is a literature study that focused on hadith, science, and technology. The result showed that several scientific findings are in line with the Prophet’s hadiths, including the wings of flies that contain disease and antidote, as well as treatment with camel urine. The article expose these two phenomena that have never been revealed before.

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